Perfect Home Plans

About Our Packages

Plan Package Information

Each set of blueprints comprises four to eight pages of drawings and includes:

A. Exterior Elevations: showing the front, rear, and side views with standard and alternate material choices; all elevations are usually ¼” scale.

B. Foundation plans: separate foundation plans are usually provided for a basement/crawl space, and slab, unless otherwise noted. All are drawn at ¼” scale and include first floor framing information for basement/crawl spaces, including beams, girders, columns and piers. Some plans include walk-out(daylight) basement options as well.

C. Floor plans: ¼” scale for each floor, including all room dimensions, door and window sizes and locations, stairways, kitchens, baths, etc. Framing information for stick framed ceiling beams and/or second floor framing is included.

D. Cross sections: ¼” scale cut-away views for each distinct area, showing all framing, ceiling details, heights, roof pitches, etc.

E. Roof plan: a separate roof plan is usually provided showing all pitches, rafter sizes, valley, hip and ridge locations, and areas of double roof framing.

F. Schematic electrical: shows suggested locations for outlets, switches and fixtures on either a separate drawing or directly on the floor plans.

G. Kitchen cabinets: schematic drawings of all kitchen cabinets.


In addition, each blueprint order includes the following extra helpful information:

H. Specifications: a separate 8 page outline specification of most materials, construction methods and techniques, in a format for customizing; for use in obtaining bids and as a contract document.

I. Standard details: 2 additional drawing pages filled with standard construction details.

J. Energy conservation details: 2 more drawing pages chock full of drawings and ideas on how to build to conserve energy.

K. Making changes: finally we include a separate 6 page primer on choosing a contractor and making changes, as virtually everyone makes some changes in building their home.

L. Concrete (ICF) Plans: In keeping up with newer technologies we offer a number of our house plans for construction with insulated concrete walls. If the plan you are interested in offers a choice of “Concrete (ICF)” as an availiable foundation choice, these plans have been modified to enable construction of the entire home with Insulated Conrete Forms (ICF). They could also be used to build the home with concrete block, in lieu of frame walls.

Notes: Due to significant regional variations, details on the heating, cooling, ventilation, plumbing and electrical wiring are not included. These details and specifications are easily obtained from your builder, subcontractors, local suppliers, and utility companies. In addition a site plan may be required; this is readily furnished by your local surveyor. Finally, code and local variances may require some redesign of the foundation system, rafter sizes (or truss design), flood protection, seismic and wind requirements, etc. This information is also easily obtained from your builder, subcontractors, or local engineers.